University of Pittsburgh
Senior Vice Chancellor's Research Seminar

12/14/2007 Brain Circuits for Visual Perception
Marc A. Sommer, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
School of Arts and Sciences

Modeling Kidney Organogenesis in Zebrafish
Neil Hukriede, PhD
Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
School of Medicine

10/19/2007 Genetic Insights into the Pathogenesis of Cardiomyopathies
Ferhaan Ahmad, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine, and Assistant Professor of Human Genetics
Graduate School of Public Health
9/28/2007 Signal Integration in T Cell Activation
Lawrence P. Kane, PhD
Assistant Professor of Immunology, School of Medicine
8/3/2007 Targeting Mediators of Cerebrovascular Regulation: The Role of Fatty Acids in the Pathogenesis of Stroke
Samuel M. Poloyac, PharMD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Pharmacy
7/13/2007 Coupling of Epithelial Transport to Cellular Metabolism via AMP-Activated Kinase
Kenneth R. Hallows, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and of Cell Biology and Physiology
School of Medicine
6/22/2007 Novel Aspects of PI3K Regulation: Implications in Cell Growth and Tumorigenesis
Marie C. DeFrances, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
School of Medicine
6/8/2007 Host Shifts, Reemergence, and Virulence: Genomic Analyses of the
Evolution of Influenza Virus

Elodie Ghedin, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine

5/11/2007 Receptor Cross-Talk: Mechanisms of Neutrophil Priming
Jie Fan, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
School of Medicine
3/16/2007 Adolescence and the Brain: Neuroimaging Studies of the Development of Cognitive Control
Beatriz Luna, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
School of Medicine

2/16/2007 Accessories for G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Alessandro Bisello, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
School of Medicine
1/19/2007 Lessons Learned from Lymphocytes: Chemokine Signals Promote Head and Neck Cancer Survival and Metastasis
Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology and Immunology
School of Medicine